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Friday, August 28, 2020

“Arizona Is on the Verge of Turning Fully Blue”

 The Republicans could lose not only their presidential electors, but its U.S. Senate seat and state legislature.”

by Martin Longman

USPS temporary rate increase ...

 “USPS has announced a temporary rate increase that will raise the price of all domestic shipping services during the upcoming holiday season.

USPS is raising rates to help them cover increased costs from dealing with 3 big headaches; the coronavirus pandemic, record-breaking shipping volumes, and Congress not helping them out -1 

October 18th–December 27th USPS temporary rate increase:Q

  • First Class Package: 25 cents/package
  • Priority Mail (including Flat Rate, Regional Rate, and Cubic): 40 cents/package
  • Parcel Select Ground: 40 cents/package
  • Priority Mail Express: $1.50/package

“These Are The Victims Of The Kenosha Protest Shooting”


Sarah Ruiz-Grossman

“ Black Diabetics Lose Limbs at Triple the Rate of Others. Here’s How Health Care Leaders Are Starting to Act.”

 “The American Diabetes Association is creating an initiative to fight unnecessary amputations, which a ProPublica investigation found disproportionately affect Black diabetics. Congress, doctors and the public are finally taking notice, too.”

​by Lizzie Presser

“ Hundreds of Thousands of Nursing Home Residents May Not Be Able to Vote in November Because of the Pandemic”

 “ Renowned inventor Walter Hutchins has voted in every presidential election since 1952. This year, as many states stopped sending teams to help seniors vote, his nursing home was on coronavirus lockdown and his streak was in jeopardy.”

“ Alaska’s Attorney General Resigns Hours After We Published “Uncomfortable” Texts He Sent to a Younger Colleague”

 An Anchorage Daily News and ProPublica investigation revealed Kevin Clarkson texted a much-younger state employee hundreds of times, often using kiss emoji and commenting on her appearance.”

by Kyle Hopkins

“Christian Leaders Call On Fellow Believers To Take Science Seriously During The Pandemic”

 “Alarmed by stories of Christians ignoring experts’ COVID-19 advice, a group of prominent writers, scientists and pastors is speaking up in defense of science.”

By Carol Kuruvilla

“Experts Predict What Flu Season Will Be Like During The COVID-19 Pandemic”

  “Buckle up: Here's what dealing with colds, influenza and the coronavirus all at the same time could be like this fall and winter.”
By Lindsay Holmes

“CDC Quietly Changes Testing Guidelines To Exclude People With No Symptoms”

 Pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic people can unwittingly spread COVID-19, which is why public health experts have urged widespread testing for everyone.”

By Marina Fang