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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

“Working From Home Due To COVID-19? Your Tax Bill Could Increase Next Year.”


 If you're telecommuting due to the coronavirus pandemic, you may owe 2020 taxes depending on which state your home and employer are located.

“Donald Trump’s Corruption Was On Full Display At The RNC“


“Alaska’s Attorney General on Unpaid Leave After Sending Hundreds of “Uncomfortable” Texts to a Young Colleague”

Kevin Clarkson texted a much-younger state employee to come to his house at least 18 times, often using kiss emoji and commenting on her appearance. He’s been on unpaid leave for weeks, but the state never told the public he was gone, or why.

“She Was Sued Over Rent She Didn’t Owe. It Took Seven Court Dates to Prove She Was Right.”

In one of the country’s richest cities, the public housing authority aggressively sued its residents, filing complaints for amounts as little as $5. Some residents were sued over the authority’s own mistakes.

“COVID-19 Long-Haulers: What You Need To Know About The Virus’ Lasting Symptoms”

Doctors are still working to understand the people who aren’t fully recovering.”

“You Won’t See These Prominent Republicans At Trump’s RNC”


“ ‘Tick Tock, Trump’: Scathing New Attack Ad Asks Who Will Be Arrested Next”

MeidasTouch looks at Steve Bannon’s arrest — and wonders which Trump insider could be next.”