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Monday, July 14, 2014

Recycled Materials Utilized! Happy Birthday Handmade Greeting Card!


My Breast Cancer Update - July 14, 2014

At home, recovering.  Started working on my Online Business, and making new Greeting Cards (One of my new cards for sale - Notice the butterflies are pink : ).  I have all the time in the World, right now; since I am not allowed to do much of anything else.  My body is, actually, agreeing ... I get tired, so easily.  According to my Home Care Health Nurse, I am healing beautifully.  Now, that I no longer have the numbing medication attached; I am, actually, starting to feel real pain ... so, I have been taking my pain prescription, which makes me sleep a lot.  I have a high threshold for pain, so since I am feeling a lot of pain, right now; I know that it must be, really, excrutiating pain.  The pathology report still hasn't come yet; or it has not been revealed to me, yet ... so I have no idea if, at least, the worst, is behind me, or not.  I see my surgeon for my follow-up this Thursday.  I just wanted to give an update, on my breast cancer journey.