Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Breast Cancer Journey Update ... July 17, 2014!

I have just returned from my first follow-up appointment (since my surgery) with my surgeon. She removed my staples; and, in a surprise 'very painful' move, the drainage tubes. Because she is like me, a very independent woman (that likes to control things regarding HER life); she lifted all of the restrictions, that she had imposed on me (with the exception of still 'NO DRIVING!"); where I can attempt to do things, on my own ... BUT, I had to promise to, immediately, stop, when I realize that I still cannot handle whatever, so as not to rip apart my surgery site, and/or do, even, more damage, elsewhere. ALL of my doctors seem to be on this same theme on worrying about MY eating. Since my surgery, I admit that I do not seem to have much of an appetite ... I rather sleep, when I can. But, since I do like subway (the healthy sandwiches), raisins, whole wheat bagels (with a heart healthy spread), and Oat Meal, with honey and cinnamon ... I did agree to concentrate on eating more of these. Anyway, I see my surgeon, again, in three weeks; and, at her request, I have to see my Oncologist, before then ... for more, continuing, follow-up treatment, that he will discuss with me. All in all, my surgeon stated that I am healing very well, and very quickly.

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