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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Quote That Has ALWAYS, AND STILL IS, Been Posted In My House, FOR ALL To See!

YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO ... UNTIL YOU TRY!  This goes for children, and adults, alike!

Something to remember!

L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

My Blog Shout Out, For Today, September 25, 2011!

My Blog Shout Out, for today, September 25th, 2011, is for my newest Blog follower; well, at least, her website (Sorry, I have no name) ...

I looked at her website, and she does beautiful work!  She sells Designer Handbags and totes, get this ... made out of jeans; and she makes personalized baby gifts!  And more!  To see more, visit her website, you will love what you see!  I, so, wish I had her name, to share with you!

My blog:  L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

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