Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FREE!!!! 18 Homemade Christmas Decorations: How to make Christmas Decorations!

So, who is ready to start working on a Christmas Decor?

FaveCraft have 18 reasons!  In their words ...

"Christmas is coming! Here's a brand spankin' new eBook for you (and yes, it's FREE!)"

You can easily turn your house into a festive home this season with these 18 homemade Christmas decorations. Learn how to make Christmas decorations, ornaments, and Christmas outdoor decor in this free eBook."

Jingle Bells!  Jingle Bells!  Jingle all the wayyyy!  I'm already beginning to feel Christmas-y!  L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Blog ( http://www.bearheartbottomsetc.biz/ ) Shout Out, For Today, September 26, 2011!

My Blog Shout Out, for today, September 26th, 2011, is for my very first Blog follower, WenOrlyZ!  

Sorry, it's late.  I stayed up all night watching the first 12 hours of the Launch of the Expression 2, on HSN.  I had to get some sleep!  

By the way, I am so jealous,; they are getting so much more than what was given, back in April, 2011, when The Expression 2 Anniversary Edition, was launched!  That is what I have!  I am really jealous, because they get the new wireless adapter, that just came out!  *sad face*  I think that anyone with the Anniversary edition are to buy it, at about $60.00.

Anyway, WenOrlyZ's blog address is http://wenorlyz.blogspot.com/ .  I'm not sure that she has a website.

I looked at her website, and she sells jewelry.  To see more, visit her blog!

A Reminder: I am picking My 'Crafter' Shout Out, of the day, From My Blog Followers!  I need followers!

L8r! #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Quote That Has ALWAYS, AND STILL IS, Been Posted In My House, FOR ALL To See!

YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO ... UNTIL YOU TRY!  This goes for children, and adults, alike!

Something to remember!

L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

My Blog Shout Out, For Today, September 25, 2011!

My Blog Shout Out, for today, September 25th, 2011, is for my newest Blog follower; well, at least, her website (Sorry, I have no name) ... 


I looked at her website, and she does beautiful work!  She sells Designer Handbags and totes, get this ... made out of jeans; and she makes personalized baby gifts!  And more!  To see more, visit her website, you will love what you see!  I, so, wish I had her name, to share with you!

My blog:  http://www.bearheartbottomsetc.biz/  L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

P.S. Please, if your name is not on your 'Follow Me' icon, can you email it to me?  It doesn't have to be your full name; your first name will do.  Thank You!  :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!! :-)

My Shout Out For Today, September 24th, is to the Website of my newest Blog Follower, Isabel Wood!

Isabel Wood is, also, part of the 'LinkedIn' Family ... her website


Isabel's description of her business:  Tagua jewelry is an unique type of jewelry all made by hand and made of an exotic dry seed from South America called tagua nut.

Her work is simply beautiful!  Her jewelry is beautiful!  If you love unique products; then, visit her website!  I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed, if you are anything like me, where you love, and can appreciate beautiful, unique jewelry!

L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Show some love to my newest blog follower, Brenda, at http://www.etsy.com/shop/brendashandmade?ref=em!

Her creations are all handmade and consists of various home decor and gifts!  Today is the first day of Fall; therefore, a reminder, Christmas is right around the corner!  And, handmade items makes the best gifts, and they are unique!  *wink*  So, what better time, than to start your holiday shopping, now!


L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

Happy First Day Of Fall (Autumn)!!!!!

Closer to Winter!  Start thinking about the upcoming holidays!

L8r!  Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Woot! Woot! A Sneak Peek to the Cricut Wireless Adapter!

Watch the video!  Warning ... it is a teaser!  lol

What did I tell you!  However, isn't it exciting!  I can't wait for when it becomes available!  L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

This sign, a friend posted on FB, made me laugh! IT IS SO TRUE! lol

L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

My Blog Seems To Be Up and Running Under My Domain!

I'm sorry that I didn't make any announcements on Wednesday.  As I had already mentioned, I bought my own Domain, for this blog.  I was unable to get into the blog with my Domain Address, or the previous one, the Blogspot Address.  It was stuck, I found out; so, after following instructions of a fellow blogger, I am in!  And, I am back!

Will be blogging later!  Missed you!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sorry, My Blog, You Can Say, Is Under Reconstruction! lol

I had bought a domain, for this blog; it is in transition, being transferred from blogspot to my domain; therefore, there are a few content on my blog that are not working, at this time.  Hopefully, in a few days, things will be back to normal!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Beary Amazing Jr. Has It's Own Domain!

Bought another domain yesterday, for my blog, Beary Amazing Jr. Used to be http://bearheartbottomsetc.blogspot.com/ ... new name http://www.bearheartbottomsetc.biz/ Will, probably take 2 to 3 days for the change. #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Don't Miss The Mall of America Scrapfest, This Weekend,

One of the 'Biggest Mall of America Events'; of course, not dismissing just visiting The Mall of America, itself (located in Bloomington, MN) ...  lol, ending Sunday, September 18th!

For more information, you can go to http://www.mallofamerica.com/events/, or at the Special Archiver (The Sponsor of this Wonderful Event) Website http://www.scrapfest11.com/.

I so wish I was there!  In fact, I, just, wish that I was in Minnesota, period; where I can attend both ... The Mall of America Scrapfest, and The Creative Connection Event!   BooHooHoo!  I know that they are having so much fun, at both!  L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Scrapfest this weekend ... September 16 -18

Epiphany Crafts and Sizzix are represented at Archiver's Scrapfast Mall of America.  I wonder what other companies are there?  Are you there?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

37 Popular Techniques for Card Making


In their words ...

‎"37 Popular Techniques for Card Making! This special issue of CardMaker magazine is now on sale. It's not part of subscriptions, so shop for it on AnniesAttic.com!"


"Ideal for beginning and seasoned card makers alike, this jam-packed SIP presents detailed information on 37 innovative card-making techniques, all in one handy, value-priced reference volume."

I'm a Card Maker; I am so getting this magazine!  L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

Card Maker Tip

In their words ...

CardMaker's Favorite -- GooseBumps Clear Texture Spray. This quick-drying spray adds instant texture to almost any craft project. You can add a light coating of texture that resembles a water mist up to a thick coating that creates a glaze depending on how close you spray it to your project. http://bit.ly/nbJkTx

I have to get me some of this!  L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

Do you have an interest in 'Crafting For Charity'?

If you like to knit, FaveCraft has an interesting offer!

For more information, go to www.favecraftsblog.com

I never learned how to knit.  I tried; but, I'm just all paws, when it comes to knitting, or other things similar!  lol  Well, Good Luck to everyone that takes on the challenge!  L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

WELCOME - About Me , and my hopes for my biz, Bear "Heart" Bottoms, Etc.

WELCOME, to my BLOG! My name is Sharon Pharms. Most of my followers doesn't know this about me ... what I have gone through. However, first, just to make it clear, and to let everyone know; "I AM STILL STANDING!" Anyway, about the year 2000, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease; in fact, a disease that I, until then, I never, even, heard of. Well, as I am, in the midst, of starting up this Small Craft Business; I, lately, found myself thinking of how much I want to give back, my need to give back! I want to help give to one, or all, of the organizations, that was there, for me. Therefore, I sent out a request, for info, asking assistance; on how to, go about donating a percentage, of any income, that I earn from this business, to an organization (once my business is up, and running); to find out if there are any special requirements, to abide by! The following is what I sent, and want to share, on my blog:

"I have a personal interest, lately, in Non-Profit Organizations; I wish to donate. It is amazing how one's insight into things, that they, at one time, didn't give much thought to, changes, when their life is affected, by specific turn of events. I was diagnosed with Sarcoid, or Sarcoidosis, around 2000. Sarcoid is an Auto-Immune Disease, than can attack different parts of your body. About 90 percent attack the lungs; the other 10 percent, different organs, etc. Mine attacked my Central Nervous System (CNS), the worst place for it to attack. The Medical Community does not have any answers, as to what causes it; all they try to do, is to suppress it, through different medications, usually steroids. Sarcoid is considered, like a sister, to other auto-immune diseases, like Lupus.

Anyway, I am re-establishing a passion of mine, Arts and Crafts, where I am beginning my own Small Craft Business; Bear "Heart" Bottoms, Etc. (http://www.bearheartbottomsetc.com) I, also, have a FB Page,http://www.facebook.com/BearyAmazing I have another FB Page, called "Sarcoid, Strokes, Heart Attack ... Just the Unexpected." I started this Page, in an attempt to explain what I went, or am going, through, trying to discuss my thoughts (as I am, usually, a very private person), etc. I am hoping that, gradually, others, that has gone, or is going through similar experiences, join the Page, as an outlet.

Since starting my business, I have started thinking about giving a percentage, of my ; hopefully, potential profits, to this (or more) Group(s), trying to help, in finding a cure, for Sarcoid, and other auto-immune diseases. Maybe, even turning my biz into a complete Non-Profit Organization; as right now, it is a subject, very close to my heart, and thoughts. It is an illness (or, even, those similar) that I wouldn't, even, wish on my worst enemy. Does anyone know about how to start, or set it up; or can put me, in touch, with a person, or organization, that help people start Non-Profit businesses? Does anyone, also, know how to obtain a patent, on anything; a product, a name, phrases, etc.? I would appreciate any assistance, information, etc. that can aid me in achieving my goal. Thank You."

I, now, am asking, all of my Blog Followers, the same. I welcome any suggestions; expertise, or, even if it is just from the heart, to help me achieve my goal. This purpose is, really, very close to my heart; and, I do want to see it get off the ground. This is, now, my motivation to make my business succeed; besides, just, from my passion for Arts and Crafts! As I had just mentioned to some people, earlier; that, just, gave me some welcomed advice, because they wondered, about any positive endings (a partial excerpt) ...

"Oh, and there is a positive ending, 'ME' ... I had 4 strokes, and a Heart Attack, due to this Sarcoid (that I never heard of, until I was diagnosed with it), and I am still standing! My Doctor's are always saying, one cannot, just, look at me, and know this (unless I tell them). My Doctors (and the Medical Community, see me as one of their miracles (knock on wood)! I do not feel as if I would have beat the 'monsters in my life', during this time, as much as I have, without all of the organizations that stepped in, to assist me, physically, and mentally. I want to give back! I want others to 'believe' that they, too, can beat whatever, 'illness', etc., has invaded, and disrupted, their life! I thank you both, again, for the inspiration, that you are passing on to me! Currently, so many ideas are flying through my mind; that, even, I am having a hard time keeping up, with them! lol" L8r!

#Peace Out, and Lots of Bear Luv and Bear Hugz, to all of my Blog Followers!

Archiver's Scrapfest at Mall of America ...

In Archiver's words ...

"Hey Archiver's Fans! It's not too late to make plans for Scrapfest this weekend at the Mall of America, September 16 - 18! Get a badge when you get to the mall, and sign up for workshop seats that are still available! Plus, there are over 30 FREE Make and Takes with your favorite brands! We can't wait to see you there!"  For more Information, go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Archivers/44607699429.  L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011



then check out my BLOG, daily, I try to keep tabs on all! If I see them being advertised, if I hear of them, someone alert me to them, etc.; I post them ALL on my blog - ALL, for you to see, in just one place! See, I make it ALL easy for you; a one stop extravaganza!  I do all the hard work! I used to do this on Beary Amazing Sr.'s Blog (This blog is Beary Amazing Jr.); however, Beary Sr. seem to be having some difficulties, and his home keep having breakdowns.  His LandLords doesn't seem to understand what the problem is.  So, I just set up a new blog; starting about 10 days, ago! I believe that I put my final touches on it, today!  Therefore, starting tomorrow, check out my new blog daily, at:


And, don't forget to follow me, also!  If you want, I will do the same, in return!  Until, tomorrow ... #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!


Hello Blog World!  I know that my blog is new and I'm still working on it; however, I want some followers and want to take part in Blog Hops, etc.!  And, enjoy whatever other activities that a blogger does!  I don't know what you do at blog hops; however, I want in!  I figured out that there are three places, that I know of that you can follow from ... at the very top of my blog, where it says 'follow' and the 'Google Friend Connect Box' that I, finally, found and added (On the right of my blog).  And you can follow by email; which is located on the left side of my blog.  I look forward to meeting other bloggers!  Oh, non-bloggers are invited, to follow me, too!  L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How Much Should You Pay Yourself?


Someone shared this video, on FB, titled "How Much Should You Pay Yourself?"  Therefore, I am now sharing it on my blogs.  I know that this question has plagued me, so I know others may be wondering, the same.  Maybe, this video will help answer the question, for most of us.  Sorry, about the link; however, if it isn't on You Tube, or one of my videos, I have no idea how to upload it to this blog, nor any blog, website, etc.  L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugs!