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Monday, September 12, 2016

Follow me on Instagram at sharpharmade! . Monday September 12, 2016 is Video Games Day. "We all know the Playstation, the PC, the Xbox, the Gameboy, and all the other myriad examples of gaming devices out there in the world today. Gaming is a pervasive part of our culture, coloring everything from our choices in clothing to our taste in cuisine, there are even themed restaurants that are entirely dedicated to gamers and the games they love. This day is dedicated to recalling this defining part of our culture and sharing it with our fellow gamers, new and old alike. Get your game on! . The history of this day is really the history of the video game, and that history goes back much farther than most people imagine. The first game ever created is often thought to be Bertie the Brain, an artificial intelligence designed to play Tic-Tac-Toe. A year later a computer was built called Nimrod, Nimrod was a computer built and designed to play a game called Nim. From these humble beginnings things continued to build, first with Cabinet style games (those are the ones you put quarters in kids) which became hugely popular, and then into the first consoles, home based platforms you could play the games on. In the years that followed development of computers and video games just kept growing, until they now absolutely permeate our culture. What used to be a luxury item for the rich and elite has now become a standard part of most people’s homes, and a diversion that involves all ages. So, get together with your friends and play a bunch of video games! Dig out some of your old consoles and play favorites you haven’t touched in ages, and share them with the newest generation of gamers, or friends who just haven’t seen them. If you want to, have a people get together with game themed food and costumes, and of course decorations. This is an excuse to go down a path of digital reminiscence, do it with a friend." ^sPm - #sharpharmade From 'Days of the Year' #fit #blog #wp #fb #shar #share #buffer #tagsforlike #follow #like #ig #insta #twitter #tweet #pop #video #gaming #familytime #friend #game #videogamesday #linkinbio #lpt #awesome #fun #theme . @Instagram @sharpharmade

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Follow me on Instagram at sharpharmade! . Monday September 12, 2016 is Chocolate Milk Shake Day. "Dating from 1885, Chocolate Milk Shake Day celebrates a drink loved by old and young alike. Originally served in bars, a milk shake was an alcoholic concoction of whisky, eggs and cream. If the customer enjoyed the drink, he shook hands and tipped the barman. By 1900, the whisky was replaced with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry syrup. In 1922, a Wahlgreen’s employee added Horlick’s malted milk powder to the mixture and the first malted shake was born. When Steven Poplawski invented the electric blender in 1922, the texture of milkshakes changed from smooth, thick and creamy to the frothy airy consistency loved today. Celebrate this special day by going out with friends and family for chocolate shakes at a traditional soda fountain or check out recipes and blend some different chocolate shakes at home. And don’t forget the whipped cream!" ^sPm - #sharpharmade From 'Days of the Year' #fit #wp #fb #blog #tagsforlike #linkinbio #lpt #tweet #twitter #buffer #ig #insta #pop #milkshake #awesome #follow #like #work #chocolate #shake #malt #soda # traditional #tradition #vanilla #strawberry #syrup #milk #chocolatemilk . @Instagram @sharpharmade

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Follow me on Instagram at sharpharmade! . Monday September 12, 2016 is Programmers' Day. "Computers, technology and software makes the modern world go around – but for every piece of clever software, there’s a programmer (and often teams of programmers) behind the scenes, solving problems with clever code, cloud security solutions, and intense development projects. Spare a thought for these digital pioneers on Programmers’ Day! . Programmers’ Day is celebrated on the 256th day of the year – chosen because this is the number of distinct values that can be represented with an eight-bit byte, and the highest power of two which is less than 365. Our research shows… Lots of people celebrate this day on January 7th, which seems to be the original (though unofficial) date for the celebration. In 2009, however, the government of Russia declared the day to be a professional holiday, and set the date as September 13th (Sept 12th on leap years)" ^sPm - #sharpharmade From 'Days of the Year'

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Follow me on Instagram at sharpharmade! . Monday September 12, 2016 is Boss/Employee Exchange Day. "It sounds like the answer to every downtrodden wageslave’s prayers – Boss/Employee Exchange Day, when workers and bosses swap roles. A day when bosses answer the phone, make the coffee (two sugars, please) and deal with that awkward customer. Workers, meanwhile, get to play golf in the boardroom. Practically speaking, however, when there are lots of employees and only one boss, switching roles is fairly unworkable. So, Boss/Employee Exchange Day is less about doing one another’s job, and more about exchanging ideas. What could make the employee’s day easier? How can we improve this company? What can the boss do about his lamentable swing? You get the idea. To celebrate, why not take the chance to make that pitch to the boss about flexible working and child-friendly hours? For one fine day, he can pretend he’ll think about it, and you can pretend you believe him." ^sPm - #sharpharmade From 'Days of the Year' P.S. Does anyone's employer recognize this day, or does this???? #fit #employee #employer #exchange #boss #bossemployeeexchangeday #bossemployeeexchange #wp #fb #ig #insta #pop #shar #share #buffer #tweet #twitter #tagsforlike #linkinbio #lpt #idea #exchange #improve #exchangeideas #awesome . @Instagram @sharpharmade

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