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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Follow Me On Instagram at sharpharmade! . Friday September 16, 2016 is Concussion Awareness Day. “It’s just a bump on the head right? It’s all part of the game and it’s not like its bleeding! You feel fine! And weren’t you wearing a helmet? Or it was just grass right? How hard could the ground really be? How much damage can a soccer ball really do? It’s round and full of air! The truth of the matter is that a concussion can be a serious issue, and they tend to happen during sports more than any other time, Concussion Awareness Day reminds you to learn the signs, and take them seriously. Concussions are serious business! Concussions stand out as the single most common type of traumatic brain injury, and is known by many names in the medical industry. None of them sound good, mild brain injury, mild traumatic brain injury, minor head trauma, not a thing any of us want to see listed on our medical report. Our brains, after all, are us. Treatment is simple enough, you just have to chill out and rest both your body and your mind, which means no video games, no texting, and no school work. No, this isn’t a good way to get out of taking that final, Concussions can have some serious repercussions. So this day is a chance to help yourself and others by learning how to identify the signs of a concussion and what to do in the event that someone you know sustains one, or you suspect they may have. Concussion Awareness Day is your alert to take care of your brain, and to teach others how to watch out for each other." ^sPm - #sharpharmade From 'Days of the Year'. #fit #concussionawarenessday #concussion #awareness #wp #fb #blog #ig #insta #concern #health #tweet #twitter #buffer #follow #like #life #pop #tagsforlike #wellbeing #wellness #treatment #aid #firstaid #education #educate . @Instagram @sharpharmade

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