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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Follow me on Instagram at sharpharmade! . Wednesday September 7, 2016 is Salami Day. "Salami is cured, fermented and air-dried sausage, popular in Italy and the Mediterranean. Salami Day encourages you to explore the world of salami by trying new and adventurous types of salami, and enjoying salami with friends at salami-themed parties." ^sPm - #sharpharmade From 'Days of the Year'. #fit #salami #salamiday #linkinbio #lpt #wp #fb #ig #insta #blog #buffer #eat #tasty #food #foodporn #celebrate #tweet #twitter #follow #like #shar #share #awesome #sausage . @instagram @sharpharmade

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Follow me on Instagram at sharpharmade! . Wednesday September 7, 2016 is Superhuman Day. "For years those who faced the challenges of disability in all its forms dealt with a stigma that was forced on them, that they were somehow less capable of doing amazing and, dare we say it, Superhuman things. This day celebrates and brings awareness to the thousands of athletes, musicians, artists, and everyday people who have overcome what was once perceived as a crippling limitation and gone on to prove that “Yes I Can” . Superhuman Day was the brainchild of the fantastic people at Channel 4 to highlight the incredible athletes at the Summer Paralympic Games. In 2016 Channel 4 took the place of the official broadcaster for the Paralympics for the second time, and immediately decided to start bringing these unsung heroes and champions of the great human achievements into the limelight. It all started with their advertising campaign “We’re The Superhumans”, featuring 140 people with disabilities who are working to change society’s attitudes towards them. The Paralympics have been running since 1948. The Paralympics were officially established ... 400 athletes from 23 countries competed, which quickly grew to 1600 athletes from 40 countries in 1976. One of the most important events in the Paralympics occurred in 1988 in Seoul, South Korea. The Paralympics were held immediately after the Olympic Summer Games, in both the same host city and using the same facilities. If you have a disabled person in your family, remember to encourage them for their amazing achievements. Musicians, archers, craftsman, painters, people from every walk of life have not let their disabilities hold them back. Superhuman Day is also your reminder to set your calendar to view the Paralympics this coming year, it is a profound display of human achievement and the heights that people can reach when they don’t let their perceived setbacks hold them down." ^sPm - #sharpharmade From 'Days of the Year'. #fit #linkinbio #lpt #super #human #superhuman #superhumanday #wp #fb #ig #insta #blog #tweet #twitter #shar #share #buffer #awesome #fighter #strength #strong #brave . @instagram @sharpharmade

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Follow me on Instagram at sharpharmade! . Wednesday September 7, 2016 is Buy a Book Day. "TV and movies have taken over our lives these days. That’s not to say that watching certain TV shows or movies is a waste of our time—there are many well-made, thought-provoking things to be watched. And of course, thanks to Kindle, carrying even multiple books around at the same time has become infinitely easier and more practical. Still, however, it is a bit sad how the the old-fashioned art of reading a regular paper book seems to be slowly fading away into the past. It sometimes seems as though children today do not even know the scent of an old book, a book that has touched the lives of so many, and how wonderful it can be to settle down on the couch with such a book on a rainy day and disappear into the world it creates. Buy a Book Day was created for the purpose of reminding people how much joy simple black print on a white background can bring when it awakens your imagination and transports you far away. Buy a Book Day was created in 2012 to educate people to the importance of books to our culture and civilization as a whole. It is inarguable that books have been one of the greatest contributors to the advancement of the human race, by moving the hearts of many over the ages, stimulating their imaginations and helping them see the world in an entirely different light. Books have also served the simple but vital purpose of passing knowledge down from generation to generation. The creators of Buy a Book Day want nothing more than for people take a moment to truly appreciate books and their numerous roles in the human experience. The best way to celebrate this day is to buy a book. Buy a Book Day does not require for you to spend excessive amounts of money. All you have to do to enjoy it is invest a small amount of money in a book, either first- or second-hand and then soak up all of the knowledge and wisdom in it." ^sPm - #sharpharmade From 'Days of the Year'. #fit #buyabook #book #buy #buyabookday #wp #fb #ig #insta #blog #tweet #twitter #share #shar #buffer #linkinbio #lpt #awesome . @instagram @sharpharmade

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