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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December 7th - Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day ... "The History of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is the history of the attack itself, an attack which took place on December 7th, 1941. The attack was devastating, killing over 2,400 citizens of the United States from the time it began at 7:48 am Hawaiian time and ended just 90 minutes later, making the attack incredibly devastating. Multiple ships were lost during the attack, though things could have been much worse. Intelligence gathered after the attack indicated that there was intended to be a third-wave of attacks to hit the island, complete with an invasion fleet intended to take the island and prevent it from being used as an American base of operation. The purpose behind this surprise attack? America was well positioned in the Pacific to interfere with Japanese fleet maneuvering, and it was hoped that by launching this assault they would cripple the US Pacific Presence and be able to control the ocean unhindered. Celebrating Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is your opportunity to show your support for those veterans who are still alive from the Pearl Harbor bombing, and pay your respect to those who give themselves in service to our country and its security every day. All over the US there are ceremonies to honor these men and women along with the rest of the surviving WWII veteran’s, of which there were 855,070 in 2016. Servicemen all over the world deserve the respect of their countrymen, and the war affected us all, so even if you aren’t American, pay your respects to those who serve." #pearlharbor #wwii #wwll #sharpharmade WE SALUTE YOU AND THANK YOU! . #navy #airforce #marine #army #military #remembering #respect #salute #america ##war #pearlharborremembranceday #fit #follow #like #share #blog #tagsforlike #tweet #twitter #buffer #lpt #linkinbio #ig #insta #pop #honor . @instagram @sharpharmade

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