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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Follow me on Instagram at sharpharmade! . Thursday November 3, 2016 is Men Make Dinner Day. "A beautiful image isn’t it? Coming home at the end of the day and the wife has dinner all laid out and ready for her hard working husband. Part of the bucolic yesteryear images of the 50’s, when the man worked and the woman stayed home (working harder than him most days!) to keep the house in order and running, it’s not surprising that while the tradition of the wife making dinner has persisted, most of the time it’s as part of a two earner household. It’s time to start turning that around, and this day is just one small step on equally sharing the responsibilities of making a home and life together. Besides, some of the world’s greatest chefs are men, so there certainly isn’t any standing evidence that men are just worse cooks. This day is your chance to try out your culinary skills… just remember that ordering take-out isn’t actually making dinner. This day was established to help those men that have perhaps never cooked outside of a barbecue, and are a little intimidated by the kitchen. It was determined that men could be amazing in the kitchen, and they help to produce some truly tremendous meals. Too many men are inexperienced in the kitchen, and, in fact, afraid of preparing a meal, in a kitchen. This day is an opportunity to get out from in front of the barbecue, and amaze your family with a great meal … eventually. There are a few rules to celebrating this day, and they start with no barbecuing. Followed by not permitting reheating left-overs or ordering pizza. Don’t let mistakes intimidate you, some of the greatest amazing meals were invented by mistakes. Just remember, your partner isn’t allowed to help you with the preparations, they can help you pick out a meal, even one they’ve made before, but after that you’re largely on your own! ^sPm - #sharpharmade Fr 'Days of the Year' . #fit #follow #like #celebrate #enjoy #men #tweet #twitter #buffer #lpt #linkinbio #tagsforlike #pic #oftheday #blog #pop #positive #menmakedinnerday #dinner #make #ig #insta #awesome #share #chef #cook #cool #food #bbq . @instagram @sharpharmade

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