Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Follow Me On Instagram at sharpharmade! . Tuesday September 13, 2016 is Fortune Cookie Day. “Add a little fun and excitement to your life by celebrating Fortune Cookie Day. These engaging biscuits always have a suitably general clairvoyant message inside which normally promises good health, luck or fortune to the recipient. It’s always nice to get an assurance of pleasant things to come, so a Fortune Cookie or two is just the thing to provide an intriguing and delightful break in the day. There are numerous ways of marking Fortune Cookie Day. Perhaps the most obvious is to treat friends or family to a delicious Chinese meal, with the final course consisting of a plate of Fortune Cookies. Why not buy some Fortune Cookies as a pleasant surprise for colleagues or friends? If you’re watching you weight and worry about the calories in these snacks, you can always go online to find virtual Fortune Cookies which will give you your destiny without the added fat!". ^sPm - #sharpharmade From 'Days of the Year'. #fit #blog #tweet #twitter #buffer #wp #fb #shar #share #linkinbio #lpt #fortune #fortunecookie #chinese #celebrate #clairvoyant #treat #tagsforlike #cookie . @Instagram @sharpharmade

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