Saturday, August 6, 2016

Follow me on Instagram at sharpharmade! . Today (Saturday August 6, 2016) is Sandcastle Day. "Few childhood memories are looked back upon more fondly than building sandcastles on the beach–the hot sun overhead, the cool water washing over your feet ever now and the fleeting beauty of the castles themselves that disappear the moment the tide comes in…there’s no doubt about it, childhood sandcastle memories are magic. And be honest: when was the last time you actually built a sandcastle, either with your child, friends, or even all on your own? This Sandcastle Day it’s time to find a couple of hours to remember just how wonderful building sandcastles at the beach can be. Sandcastles have likely been around for thousands of years, a favorite past time of both children and adults alike, but it is only recently that people have begun to take them seriously as an art form. The world’s tallest sand castle was built on Myrtle Beach in South Carolina during the 2007 Sun Fun Festival. The structure was almost 50 feet (15 m)Year' and took 10 days to construct, using 300 truckloads of sand. Sandcastle Day was created to help us remember just how much enjoyment some sand, water and sunshine can give us. Depending on what kind of sandcastle you want to build and how much time and work you’re willing to put into is, you could even take some tools along with you to make your job easier. A basic bucket and shovel combo can greatly reduce the amount of trips you’ll have to make to get all the sand you need in one place, and a simple pair of work gloves will prevent the skin on your hands from becoming irritated. There are also plenty of wood, metal and plastic forms available that will help you shape things to looks as nice as you want them too. A picnic lunch or a barbecue will likely be just what you need after a couple of hours of intense construction work, and nothing tastes better than a meal eaten out in the fresh air! So what are you waiting for? Pack a lunch, grab a shovel and get down to the beach to enjoy a day of sun, fun and nostalgia." ^sPm - #sharpharmade Fr 'Days of the Year'

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