Sunday, August 28, 2016

Follow me on Instagram at sharpharmade! . Sunday August 28, 2016 is Pony Express Day. "This day celebrates those brave souls who made up this unique mail delivery system. Back in the days of the wild west, there were no Fed Ex, USPS, etc., that ran that far west, no planes, & delivery by ship was likely to take months if it ever got there at all. Seeing this need for a specialized delivery service, Leavenworth and Pike’s Peak Express Co. took an opportunity to expand into this void. From this important decision was born one of the most iconic pieces of American History, whose influence is felt in hundreds of Pony Express Day Festivals throughout the American Midwest. The Pony Express existed for 18 months between the days of April 3, 1860 to October 1861. In these days there was no air mail, no great American Highway, but, hundreds of miles of wide open spaces with not much in between but animal filled wilderness & bandit filled hollows. The Pony Express was a massive employer for it’s time, with up to 80 young riders employed at any given stage, with stringent requirements on their age, size, and weight. They preferred to employ the youngest riders they could, in part for their resilience, & in part for how light they were. The lighter a man was the longer the horse could run. The rider changed out every 75 to 100 miles, but the mail never so much as slowed even in the worst of weather. It, usually, took 10 days; but, when they delivered Lincoln’s Inaugural Address, the trip was made in a mere 7 days & 17 hours. There are tons of opportunities to celebrate the bravery of these young mailmen. You can spend Postal Express Day dressed up as one of these adventurous souls who served as the heart of America’s fast tracked postal line, while watching equestrian events commemorating the challenges they faced. So get together with your friends & family on Pony Express Day, & celebrate the Pioneer spirit of the Old West!" ^sPm - #sharpharmade Fr 'Days of the Year'. #ponyexpress #mail #brave #bravery #courage #wildwest #follow #like #share #blog #pop #linkinbio #lpt #wp #fb #tweet #twitter #buffer #shar #ig #insta #bearyamazing #history . @instagram @sharpharmade

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