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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Follow me on Instagram, at sharpharmade! . Today (Wed 13th Jul, 2016) is 'French Fries Day!' . For the more adventurous, try some of the french fries varieties below! #sharpharmade . Canadian Poutine: This recipe is a classic way to have French Fries, originating in Canada.This dish is incredibly decadent, combining the crispy soft texture of the French Fries with a rich beef gravy, and topped with cheese curds. American Bacon Cheeseburger Classic: There are little Americans love more than to add cheese and bacon to just about anything. French fries are no exception, there is little that is as well-loved as a rich, greasy accompaniment to any meal. To make this classic you start with a basic of fries, and layer on bacon, chopped onions, cheese, and ground hamburger before tossing them in the oven just long enough for everything to get melty. Then grab a handful and dig in! Greek French Fries: The Mediterranean rarely fail at making an already delicious food rich and full of the smells of home.If you love the classic Greek flavors of parmigiano-reggiano or romano cheese, garlic, and oregano, then these fries are going to leave you smiling.The key ingredients here are Extra Virgin Olive Oil to fry them in, after which you toss them in garlic salt, Greek Oregano, and your choice of cheese such as those mentioned ahead.To get the full impact you’re going to want to stick to the white crumbly cheese of the region, the truly adventurous might use Mazithra cheese. These are a few dishes that can help enhance French Fries Day, and really bring out the amazing versatility of this centuries old treat.So get out your deep frier, chop up some potatoes, and celebrate French Fries Day by eating yourself into a starch filled stupor!" . ^sPm #fit #follow #like #pop #celebrate #enjoy #wp #fb #twitter #tweet #buffer #tagsforlike #shar #frenchfries #tasty #potato #awesome #lpt #diy #food #sidedish #withcatsup #snack #treat #foodporn #insta #ig #favorite #blog . @instagram @sharpharmade

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