Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cancer Update July 1, 2014? A Wasted Trip ... A Waste of My Time!

First, survived all of the severe t-storms that passed through, during the night. So, I had a 7:00 a.m. appointment, today, to go have blood work for my surgery, at Hospital. Kept my appointment. Along the way saw a whole lot of damaged trees, limbs in the roadway, on the side, on the grass, etc. There were lights, even, busted and on the ground. They look so huge when they are on the ground, and not hanging, the way that one are used to seeing them. So, of course, there were a lot of non-working lights, and stop signs, posted, instead. And, yes, there were those disrespectful, dangerous, drivers, that could not/would not wait their turn, and would go out of turn, that you had to watch out for, to avoid being in an accident. Saw a lot of flooded areas, also. Anyway, I made it through ALL of these hazards, just to get to the hospital ... and NO POWER; their back-up generator didn't, even, kick in! I'm scared of them ... can you imagine being a patient there, where your life depended on electricity, for LIFE SUPPORT, and that happened??? Luckily, when I inquired of one of the staff regarding this, she CLAIMS that all of these patients are okay, and in good hands. Media rhetoric (trying to do damage control)? I have no idea; I just pray that this statement is true. Nevertheless, no blood drawn today, for me! I stuck around for an hour and a half waiting; finally, asked again how long ... and was told that their people could not figure out why the back up did not kick in, and that they were waiting for ComEd (our electric supplier, for anyone that doesn't know), to come. I left, and went to GFS ... same problem! Why have a back-up generator, if it isn't going to kick in, and work, when it is needed? So, I, sadly, and reluctantly, came back home.feeling so dejected.

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