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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I HAVE THE BIG 'C' ... Cancer; AND, Yes, I Am Scared!!!

Hi, to all of my blogger friends, and readers.  I am sorry that I have not blogged any deals, etc., for a while ... that you are used to seeing on my blog.  About the beginning of May (2014), I found a lump, in my right breast.  I, eventually, had a mammogram; and, yes, it was found positive for malignancy.  A biopsy followed, then, a bilateral MRI ... however, yet, to this very day; I am still walking around with this monster inside of me.  WHY?  I, really, feel like these doctors do not care about anything that I am going through; and, trust me, I am going through a lot ... anxiety attacks, chest pressure (and, I have suffered a heart attack, in 2007), and severe emotions (crying, being scared - more like petrified), etc.  If there is anyone reading this that have any advice to give me, that will be of help to me; I welcome it.  I have sought a second opinion, yesterday; however, their rush to schedule me for surgery, this coming Friday, is scaring me off.  They did not ask, nor know anything about my health history, etc.  I have had 4 strokes, a heart attack, and, have been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease, in 2000 ... which, is, now, supposedly, in remission, since December, 2008.  I need to know how chemo and radiation, if needed, will effect me, and my health.  Not any of my doctors shared this information with me.  One oncologist wants me to have a P.E.T. Scan, to make sure that the Cancer is not elsewhere in my body.  This test, really, scares me; although, I welcome it, at the same time ... as it will show if there is anything else wrong in my body.  For those that do not know what a P.E.T. Scan is, it is a machine/program that scans the whole body from the top of the head to the toes (well, really, up to about your knees); but, you get the drift.  This P.E.T. scan is scheduled for this coming Friday; and, I pray that I will have, positive information to share with all of you, afterwards.  Until, then, take care; and I welcome your prayers!

Shar aka BearyAmazing

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