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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Which Die Cut Machine Do You Own; And Which One Do You Believe Is Best?

I think that all Die Cuts have their good points, and their bad points. I believe that it is based on your preference, what you want, what you are looking for, etc. I have the Anniversary Cricut, Mini Cricket, and the Pazzles ( The Pazzles is somewhat expensive; however, you can cut ANYTHING on it; including your own drawings, clip art, just anything! I love both of my Cricuts because they can, also, save a lot of work, and time. Oh, and I have the Cricut Imagine, also; however, I, shamefully, admit that I haven't used it at all, yet. I plan on rectifying that ... most likely, I have a lot of updating to do. I haven't, really, used any of my machines, as much as I should have, for the length of time I had them. #hanging my head down, in shame! Pazzles does have a 24/7 promotion, where you can get the Pazzles (, for $99; however, then you are locked in a 2 year contract, where you have to pay, like $19.99 per month. But, you are paying for a monthly membership to their Pazzles Craft Room (where you have access to their online digital stuff, also, that you can't get access to otherwise). If anyone, looks into this and decide that you are interested; please tell them (or write it, etc.) that Sharon Pharms referred you. I think (I hope) that I get something, for the referral. HeeHee! I, honestly, don't know if I would, or not.

If you already bought a Die Cut, I know that you, probably love it because like I stated earlier, they all have their Pros and Cons; and I just believe that the issue comes down to if it works for you.


P.S. I have the Xyron Creative Station, also; and have no idea what it does, since I haven't, even, tried to use it, yet. I believe it was a gift. There are some other stuff, too, that I received, and never looked at. Like I said, earlier, about the Cricut Imagine; I plan on rectifying the use of these, also. Now, I'm feeling guilty. But, in my defense, I just, recently, started taking the creation of Handmade Cards, seriously. Taking baby steps.

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