Thursday, October 24, 2013

Beary Amazing Jr.'s Nozey Noze Nozes!

Who likes to play games; or think that they always know the answers?  Well, we shall see?  I stumbled upon this witty game.  The object is to reduce each long phrase, of a proverb and/or popular saying, to it's familiar form.  E.g. "I Love Lucy" might appear as "I Have A Tremendous Affection For Lucille."

So, let the game begin!  Oh, one last word of advice: "Do not accept any five cent pieces made of the fibers of trees ..."**

**Translation: "Don't accept any wooden nickels ..."

"The extremely punctual feathered flying animal is the one who captures the soft-bodied crawling parasite."

Now, what is the REAL translation?  Have fun!

1 comment:

SharPharMade said...

Answer: The early bird catches the worm.