Wednesday, May 7, 2014


When my daughter went away to College, I bought a 'Student Advantage' card, for her (for her whole 4 years, there); and she loved it.  She stated that she was able to save money on so many different things; and that she received discounts at most Campus places.  Her friends were envious; and wanted to know where she got it.  She told them that it was one of her College send-off gifts from her Mom.  They had her find out, from me, where they could get one; and, of course, they called their parents, immediately.  That dormitory became the envy on Campus ... and, eventually, almost all of the students had one.  This was only ONE of the deals that I had found, to help my daughter save; while she was away at College!  It was worth it, too!  All Students should have one; whether they go away, or go to a Community College, or school, at home!

P.S.  I forgot to mention that, with this Card, Students can use it to get a discount on participating transportation venues, also ... train, air, etc.  Click on picture, or any links, to see special offers, going on, now!  No Student, if eligible, should be without one!

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