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Friday, April 6, 2012

Vintage Patterns From My Personal Collection For Sale!

Just FYI! I am cleaning out, and going through my Vintage Patterns; and removing several, to sale those that I never used, and will never use. Most are almost, if not over, 40 years old; and very hard to find. Some are more harder to find, than others (some scarce, and very scarce); and most , if not all, are Out Of Print (why my prices). You can find them on my website at or on Pinterest at ♥ I will be, continuously, adding more. I collected a lot of patterns, fabric, etc., over the years; and, also, have several passed down to me from my mom, and Grandma; most never, even, used! And, that I know, will not be used in my lifetime.

L8r!  #Bear Luv and Bear Hugz!

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