Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Beary Amazing's Unique Creations!!! Two more days until my October 8th show!!!

Apples, anyone?  lol  They are versatile, can be used as ornaments, decors, or. to be really different, as gift tags - the lucky person would be receiving a 2 in 1 Gift!

Pumpkin People!  lol

15" Raggedy Ann (Her sister's and brothers, lol, all 15", below!)

Bear Tooth Fairy Pillow

The Back of the Bear Tooth Fairy Pillow

His twin?  lol

Self-Explanatory - For Decor

Harvest Day Pumpkin Characters!  Okay, I guess they can be used for Halloween Decor, also!  lol

Barbie Tooth Fairy Pillow

Back of Barbie Tooth Fairy Pillow

Gobble!  Gobble!  Gobble!

Bear Angels

Sport Froggie Couch Potatos?  Okay, Frog Bean Bags!

Cloth Children Books

A Few More Drum Ornaments

All of the apples in a basket!

Bear Politician  ;-p

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