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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Follow me on Instagram at sharpharmade! . Saturday October 1, 2016 is World Vegetarian Day. “Every year there are thousands of people making the move to a healthier, more socially responsible way of living. These people care about the lives of animals and want cruelty to come to an end, they want to live long healthy lives and avoid the perils of heart disease, and they want to have beautiful bodies sustained by living in tune with the Earth. Who are these people? They’re vegetarians, and this day celebrates their decision to eliminate meat and animal products from their diet and live a more conscientious life. As omnivores, humans are capable of surviving in complete health on a diet that contains no animal meat or products of any kind, but are there other benefits than merely a clean conscience? . As it turns out, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Vegetarian diets are significantly more healthy than diets that contain animal products, especially when you are conscientious about your fat intake. With a low-fat vegetarian diet you can completely avoid any issues with cardiovascular disease. Not only do vegetarian diet remove animal fat and cholesterol from their diets (especially true for vegans), but they consume more fiber and anti-oxidants, well known for their ability to fight cancer! So profound is the effect of vegetarianism on our health it has statistically been shown to add 13 healthy years to our lives. Give yourself a chance to explore the world that is vegetarian cuisine on this day. Explore the health benefits and find out how delicious and healthy eating no animal products can be by eliminating them from your diet for just one day. Just stop in at your local vegetarian restaurant or order off the vegetarian menu at your favorite restaurant. Recruit some friends to go with you and have a wonderful night out, without hurting any animals!" ^sPm - #sharpharmade Fr 'Days of the Year'. #fit #tweet #twitter #linkinbio #lpt #vegetarian #foodporn #food #follow #like #share #buffer #tagsforlike #pop #worldvegetarianday #world #wp #fb #ig #insta #nomeat #health #diet #noanimalproducts #celebrate #awareness . @Instagram @sharpharmade

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Follow me on Instagram at sharpharmade! . Saturday October 1, 2016 is World Card Making Day. “We get them on special occasions, holidays and birthdays, they sit upon our mantle and some of them even get tucked into our store of special memories. Whether it’s Christmas or our Birthday, we always look inside for the gift card from Santa Claus or the money from a grandparent, often before we’ve even read the card (what a social faux pas! You should feel ashamed!) But have you ever considered making your own card? This day reminds us that the best gifts come from the heart, and the hands and vision of the people we love, so get out there and try making a card of your own! . Cards have played an important role in social circles for hundreds of years, playing a role as a thoughtful gift all the way to a necessary part of proper etiquette. A small piece of paper bearing ones name and often a decoration of some kind, the calling card (Also known as a visiting card) was presented to the servants of a household that it might be delivered to the masters of the house to announce visitors. It was this era of propriety that also developed the concept of a dance card, a card specifically carried by women to fill out with the names of the men they intended to dance with that evening. Calling Cards, Dance Cards, Business Cards, Greeting Cards, RSVP Cards, there are a million and more types of cards and could there be anything more exciting than learning to make your own? This day encourages you to do just that. The best way to celebrate this day is, of course, to learn how to make your own cards! There are often card making classes to be had at craft stores nearby, and if you have friends who are into scrapbooking they’ll be more than happy to teach you how to go about making your own cards. Let your creativity fly and send your friends and family personalized cards on World Card Making Day!" ^sPm - #sharpharmade Fr 'Days of the Year'

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